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des Monts d’Or
Is at your service in the
regional refrigerated transport,
national & international


Our team is responsive, versatile, skilled, and attentive to our customers’ requirements.

Our customers’ trust is based on the quality of service provided by our staff.

A human-scale entrepreneurial business.
Our customers know they can count on us to be responsive, flexible, and adaptable.

Every customer has a single point of contact, a person who knows their needs and can best meet their expectations.

Availability of our managers:
Decision-makers in action: exploitation

Team with extensive experience in just-in-time delivery.
Knowledge of transports techniques

Staff qualified to handle controled-temperature requierments

Hotline: +
available 24/7


Our truck drivers

Our drivers must complete the mandatory driving safety course.
They also receive regular training on co-driving and the transportation of hazardous materials.

An individual assessment interview with every driver is organized every year.

For several years, we have been expanding, adjusting to our customers’ needs, while keeping the mindset of a small family business.


of our drivers also hold the ADR driver training certificate

All our drivers are provided with the following handbooks outlining the company’s instructions:

T.F.M.O Driver guide

Summarizes the company’s good practices and working procedures.

Guide to Good Practices

From the transport to the distribution of pharmaceutical products (BPD).

Individual protection and safety equipment.

Adapted to our refrigerated business workers.

Guide to our site.