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Le premier porteur
Scania hybride en France
livré à TFMO

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on average

Refrigerated Units

140 tractors + 140 semi-trailer trucks


5 ranging from 12 tons to 19 tons

Several trailers are multi-temperature offering a great capacity of mutualization.

moyens remorques TFMO

100% of our trailers are equipped with
lockable and movable panels.

100% of our trailers have a real-time
temperature tracking system.

100% of our long distance trailers are
equipped with double floor

Increased safety

All of our trailers are equipped
with special double locks for the
locking of rear doors.



It is totally possible to transport goods
with different storage requirements in
one trailer and this way, optimize the
transportation costs for clients


Our investment policy continues to focus on these multi-temp trailers to always provide our customers with a greater choice of services.