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Le premier porteur
Scania hybride en France
livré à TFMO

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A responsible and environmentally-friendly identity.

Because we consider the environment factor as essential, we make a point of T.F.M.O. being a modern and eco-friendly company.

A view to sustainable development.

All our drivers are aware of environmental impacts and receive an eco-driving training to improve fuel-efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Investments to reduce our company’s environmental impact.

We constantly renew our rolling stock to reduce our ecological footprint and be at the leading edge of anti-pollution standards.
Our new road tractors comply with the Euro 6 standard requirements.

T.F.M.O Park, 2019

The Euro 6 standard.

The Euro standard aims at standardizing and reducing automotive emissions. The contents of this standard imposed on manufacturers are constantly evolving.

The Euro 6 standard results in a significant decrease in emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and ammonia.

Road tractor


All T.F.M.O. tractor vehicles are EURO 6 since the beginning of 2019.

We also carry out preventive actions on the refrigeration units in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Every year, the refrigeration equipment is checked for leakage. We seize the opportunity of this yearly visit to an approved workshop to calibrate our temperature sensors inside each trailer.